Recruitment Guidance

An overview of our recruitment and selection processes.

Job application forms will have specific details of any processes that are unique to the job

Duration of Selection

The time a selection process takes may vary from one to six weeks after applications close.

Step 1 Your application

Understanding the job requirements

•        Read the job description and understand all the responsibilities or tasks

•        The job description will also state any mandatory or preferred qualifications

•        The key selection criteria will outline the knowledge, skills and personal qualities the job requires.

What you need to know

You may be asked to submit the following:

•        An online application (standard through the online process). Please note online applications are preferred

•        Attach a file (Word/PDF) of a cover letter to your application

•        Attach a file (Word/PDF) of a current resume (include a statement of any formal qualifications obtained)

Note: copies of mandatory qualifications (where applicable) may need to be presented at interview.

What you need to do

•        Submit the documentation listed above by the closing date

•        Important note: the purpose of a cover letter and resume is to summarize your knowledge, skills, work experience and education/qualifications addressing the key selection criteria and how they meet the requirements of the role.

Step 2 Short-listing applicants

What you need to know

To shortlist applicants for interview the selection panel assess all the information using the key selection criteria:

•        The requirements of the position

•        Mandatory qualifications

•        Personal qualities, and

•        Knowledge and skills.

If you are shortlisted, you will be invited to attend a panel interview.

•        A panel will generally comprise three people and the interview will take 30 minutes to an hour.

What you need to do

Prepare for the interview by reviewing your skills and experience against the key selection criteria of the job description, anticipate questions and research the job environment and context.

Step 3 Assessment of applicants

What you need to know

In an interview, the panel will ask questions related to the key selection criteria as detailed in the job description.

The panel will use 'behavioral' style questioning where you will be asked to provide details of your direct experience, personal qualities, knowledge and skills. That is, you provide information on the context or situation you face in the job, your actions and things you have learnt through the actions you have taken.

Methods and techniques such as STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) and ‘Work Sampling’, using one or more tasks that are representative of the capabilities, help establish your capabilities for a particular role (using case studies or exercises).

If further assessment is required a second interview may also be conducted.

What you need to do

•        Qualifications: provide evidence of mandatory qualifications (if the job requires)

Step 4 Qualification Screening

The Recruitment department has a commitment to employing people who are able to provide quality services and a safe environment for our company, as well as uphold our values. Pre-employment screening is a mandatory aspect of the department’s recruitment processes and maximizes the likelihood of recruiting the right person with the right skills and attitude to the role.

Pre-employment screening should not be used as a means of precluding people with an adverse history from employment in the department.  The process does not eliminate the risk of employing unsuitable people - it is designed to minimize that risk on the basis of available and relevant information.

Review of Documents

You need to submit copies of relevant certificates to check and your eligibility for the post you applied for.

Data flow

Relevant documents are need to be verified by Dataflow agency according to the guidelines of SCFHS.

Pre-employment medical check

A pre-employment medical check is required according to the guidelines of Saudi Labor Ministry.

Previous discipline database check

Highly competitive applicants who have a previous employment history with the department will be checked against the discipline database. Where an applicant has a history of being suspended due to a misconduct or serious misconduct, a further assessment will be made. The existence of a discipline record does not automatically preclude applicants from being offered employment.

Step 5 Selection and employment

If you are offered employment with the department, you will be advised verbally and then a formal ‘letter of offer’ will follow.

The letter of offer will provide information regarding the position, title, region/division, location, commencement date and salary.

You will be required to sign and return a copy of the letter of offer as an indication of your acceptance.